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Recycling Coalition of West Virginia

West Virginia's Recycles Day 2013

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West Virginia Recycles!!!

"The Recycling Coalition of West Virginia"

November 15, 2014



WV Solid Waste Management Board

Supports the Educational Efforts of the Recycling Coalition of West Virginia

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2014 West Virginia Recycles ReFashion Show


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For West Virginia Teachers

Win Cash to Purchase Instructional Materials for Your Classroom!!!

As an educational outreach, the coalition has developed lessons for West Virginia teachers so they and their students may recognize materials which may be recycled, realize decomposition eventually restores some materials back to the soil, develop an understanding of the solid waste management practices related to recycling, incineration, sanitary landfills and hazardous waste disposal, and consider the role engineers play in solid waste management.

Click Here for the RCWV's "Recycling Lesson Plans"

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2014 West Virginia Recycles Statewide Adult Contest

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2014 West Virginia Recycles Statewide Youth Contest

Win prizes for both yourself and your class or group

Click here for a coloring sheet for the K-1 and 2-3 grades 2014 coloring contest

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2013 Youth Contest Press Release



Contest Winners for 2013 Include:

Age Group, Grades K-1 Coloring Contest

First Place
     Winner in the Kindergarten through First Grade coloring category is Maddie W. of Sacred Heart Grade School in Charleston.


Age Group, Grades 2-3 Coloring Contest

First Place
       Second through Third Grade coloring category first place winner was Montaiginey L., a home schooled student from Gilmer County  
  Honorable Mentions  
       Honorable Mentions in these categories include Teagan S. from Maxwell Hill Elementary in Raleigh County, Allison S. of the Sandy Pals 4-H Club in Thornton, Preston County, Sage H. from Williamstown Elementary in Williamstown in Wood County, and Denvonny W. a member of the Frankford Jr. Trailblazers 4-H Club in Greenbrier County.    
Age Group, Grades 4-6, Freedom Contest
  First Place  

     The first place winner in the Fourth through Sixth Grade category is an Ona Elementary ten year old from Cabell County.  Katelyn S. made five sets of earrings using aluminum cans and other recyclable materials.  Katelyn designated her afterschool program leader Meghan Salter as the companion winner. 

Age group, Grades 7-8, Freedom Contest
  First Place  
  Click here to view the winning video!!!  

     The first place winner of the Seventh and Eighth Grade category is Lauren V. of Andrew Jackson Middle School in Cross Lanes, Kanawha County.  Lauren composed a rap song about recycling and recorded it on a video entry.  Her enthusiasm about recycling was exhibited in an impromptu performance of her composition in front of the entire student body at the award presentation.  Andrew Jackson Middle School Principal Rhonda Donahoe was designated as the companion winner and Ms. Donahoe has donated the $200 prize to the student council to spend. 

  Age group, Grades 9-12, Freedom Contest  
  First Place  
       The winning entry for the Ninth through Twelfth Grade category is Katie G. of St. Albans High School.  The 10th grade student painted the lyrics to a song about recycling in a large format water color picture.  Katie designated her art teacher Debra Moore to receive the $200 prize.  
  Honorable Mention  
      Honorable mentions in the ‘Freedom Contest’ include poetic entries by Anthony A. and Vivian B. both of Ohio County; a large car sculpture made out of recyclable materials entered by Cameron T. of Summersville in Nicholas County.  Also receiving honorable mentions were two members of the Haer Bears 4-H Club in Mason County. Ronnie B. entered a sculpture complete with working lights made from portions of plastic bottles and Joseph D. created a three dimensional collage landscape.  Two students from Paw Paw High School in Morgan County received Honorable Mentions: a holiday wreath made from paper by Cheyenne G. and what is described as art décor was made out of magazines by Tristan K.  The last two honorable mention entries went to wind chimes made from recyclable materials by Bailey C. of Ashton Elementary in Mason County and Hayden K. of Walton in Roane County designed an impressive board game entitled Race to Recycle.  
  Winfield High Recycling Video  


WV Solid Waste Management Board

601 57th Street, SW

Charleston, WV   25304


For more information about any West Virginia ARD activity, call

Carol Throckmorton or Paul Hayes toll free at:

866-568-6649 or locally at 304-926-0448